• Criminal Defense
  • Civil Matters
  • General Consulting for Businesses and Individuals

    • Criminal Defense - [Top]

      • Federal and State Trial Cases:
      • Drug Crimes (conspiracies, distribution, and possession); Homicide; RICO; Bank Robbery; Counterfeiting; Mail Fraud; Firearm Offenses; Immigrations Offenses; Drunk Driving; Battery, etc.

      • Federal and State Appellate Cases:
      • Appeals from convictions of all crimes; Appeals from reconfinement orders and sentencing after revocation; Sentence modification and sentence adjustment motions to shorten the length of a sentence.

      • Federal and State Probation and Parole Revocation Cases:
      • Revocation of probation, parole, supervised release, and extended supervision.

      • Federal Habeas and Rule 35 (Motions for Sentence Reductions):
      • Used to collaterally attack a federal sentence or to help reduce a federal sentence.

      • Municipal Ordinance Violations:
      • Traffic Offenses, including driving while intoxicated; All Municipal Ordinance Violations (Disorderly Conduct; Retail Theft; etc).

    • Civil Matters - [Top]

      • Civil Litigation:
      • Personal Injury and other Accidents
        Real Estate Disputes and Cases
        Breach of Contract (Commercial and Personal Contracts)
        Will Contests
        Victims' Rights Suits
        Commercial Collections
        Construction Disputes and Cases

      • Real Estate:
      • Residential Real Estate Transactions
        Commercial and Residential Leases

      • Small Businesses:
      • Business Incorporations and start-up
        General Legal Advising to Small Business Owners

      • Wisconsin Consumer Act:
      • Illegal Vehicle Repossession

    • General Consulting for Businesses and Individuals - [Top]

        The attorneys of Pruhs Law Office, S.C. have experience and expertise in consulting on a wide range of matters. We offer professional advice and creative solutions, to achieve good results for our clients.